Sweet Beasties Adrenalina - Kielo

born 17.4.2010


father: Oochigea's Altair

mother: Apocalypse du Pack de la Jet

Myostatin Deficiency DNA Test: clear

Pedigree in Whippet Archives

breeder: Kennel Sweet Beasties (Mike Stangl)

17.8.2010 Kielo four months old

Thank You again Mike and Brigitte for this wonderful dog.

Kielo has been with us now already two months and she is such a fascinating personality. Her eyes are always looking at you and she has a special "Kielo look" as in this first photo which I took ten minutes ago. Ears has also risen up but the right one is coming back down again. She is still very brave puppy and interested in everything new.

Viimeksi päivitetty (17.08.2010 20:44)


Kielo is 17 weeks old

Our little girl has grown really nice and has found her place in the group. She has also visited racetrack and practiced running after lure for short distance. She has attacked the lure and tried to "kill" it. Fine girl!

Kielo has lost some teeth and has only two new front teeth in upper jaw and that's why her teeth looks like rodent. I tried to take a photo of them.

Two photos of Kielo on saturday rest with Peto.


17.7.2010 Three months old

Kielo is now 13 weeks and exactly three months old and I took some photos of her. She has grown up nicely and weighs now 6.4 kg.  She has lots of energy and as you can see it's not easy to take photos of her staying still. ;-)

Playing with Nipsu.

Still photos can be taken then she sleeps. This photo has been taken week ago.


8.7.2010 training in Tuomarinkartano

Kielo was visiting Tuomarinkartano racetrack today because there were trainingday only for whippets. She ran after lure three times about five meters. She was very keen on lure and tried to kill "the bunny". Fine puppy!


7.7.2010 Wrestling with Ruuti

My friend Lotta visited us with her kids, Tuukka, Pauli and Alisa. They brought their Irishterrier Ruuti (born in April 2009) with them and he had lots of energy to wrestle and play with Kielo. He also ran after Nipsu who loved to run then somebody is slower than she. :)

Good friends Kielo and Ruuti...

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