Sweet Beasties Adrenalina - Kielo

born 17.4.2010


father: Oochigea's Altair

mother: Apocalypse du Pack de la Jet

Myostatin Deficiency DNA Test: clear

Pedigree in Whippet Archives

breeder: Kennel Sweet Beasties (Mike Stangl)

Few photos of Kielo

Photos are taken by Mike Stangl.

Kielo is looking where am I going. They are talking about Finland but I can't understand what it means.

Kielo practising her teeth by bone. ;-)

Mom, Apocalypse with boys,Aguirre and Azrael and one of the girls, Amille I think.

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Kielo and littermates out

Too new videos on youtube, have fun! I have already really enjoyed watching them.

Few photos of Princess Kielo taken by Mike Stangl.

Training to be a show star...

Feeling a wind on my face...

Getting sleepy after running on the yard.

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Finally we have decided the calling name for Adrenalina. She will be called Kielo.


She is coming to Finland on the name day of Kielo.

It's a finnish name for a flower which is in english lily of the valley and in german Maiglöckchen.

   Photo taken by SLL/Seppo Parkkinen.   




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Sweet Beasties puppies at moving pictures

They are so funny and wonderful...

New photos taken by Mike Stangl.

Sleepy ones...

Buddies, where are you going?

Hello... Here I am! Greetings to friends!

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Flights confirmed

It's so exciting.

I have now confirmed the flights and we will get the baby home on the 14th of June.

Can't wait for that...


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