Sweet Beasties Adrenalina - Kielo

born 17.4.2010


father: Oochigea's Altair

mother: Apocalypse du Pack de la Jet

Myostatin Deficiency DNA Test: clear

Pedigree in Whippet Archives

breeder: Kennel Sweet Beasties (Mike Stangl)

19.7.2011 Kielo passed her trials!

Kielo has been measured and her height is 48.4 cm. She has today passed her second trial in group and now I have sent papers forward to get competition books for track race and for coursing. She is fine young lady.


17.4.2011 Kielo 1 year

Today Kielo is one year old Lady. Her first heat is starting to be over and she is starting be happy herself again. She has been slightly silent on two weeks now. Some photos today on our backyard.

Right side

Left side

Head from right side                                                  Head from left side

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2.4.2011 Kielos' first heat

Kielo started her first heat and it was really lucky that her "Hello Kitty" -pants arrived just in time few days ago. They are so much better than the earlier pants we have had for girls. I ordered pants from  Go and check out. 
Kielo is looking "What on earth am I wearing?".

Closer view on pants, aren't they qute.

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8.3.2011 Happy Kielo

I was out for a walk with Jonna and her new greyhound-puppy "Bobo". Jonna took some nice photos again.

More photos here 

Kielo is so happy and jumping upwards. Bobo is just behind her...

Running really fast...

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January 2011 Kielo in photos

My sister Jonna has again taken some beautiful photos about my dogs. You find some more photos on "Juttuja" section.
I put here only two new photos.

You can also see some new photos of Kielo from my sisters website 

Kielos nice look... :)

Kielo is always running and running and running... She has so much energy that I would like to have even a little bit of that to myself.

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