Moving to Finland

Finally the Day came that I flew to Germany to pick up Kielo home with us.

I stayed over night in guesthouse quite close to the Sweet Beasties.

I had some time to visit Mike and Brigitte and see adult dogs and the puppies. All the puppies were extremely brave and open.

Thank you for nice time with you!

I took some photos in Sweet Beasties and also at home after arrival.

All our dogs have taken her very nicely although Nipsu and Peto don't understand that she doesn't like loud playing and she is really small still.

Kielo with her mother, Apocalypse and sister, Asmodina (I think but I have some difficulties to distuingish these two girls in photos).

Kielo is looking into future in Sweet Beasties -kennels yard.

Kielo with Mike in soffa.

Kielo plays with mom who is really playing nicely with her kids.

Now Kielo is in Finland and making contact with our older dogs. She is sniffing Manta from behind and Nipsu is checking what are you doing.

Peto started to play and Kielo and Nipsu would like to join.

Jaakko and Jussi wanted to sleep with Kielo so we did beds on floor. Peto and Nipsu like it too.

Kielo really knows how to behave with older dogs. Here she lets Nipsu sniffle her.

Kielo was quite tired from travel to Finland so she slept easily together with boys.

She is such a lovely puppy and we all love her very much.heart

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